We invite you to participate in Dynamics Days LAC (Latin America and the Caribbean) 2018, the fifth such meeting, following those organized in Brazil (2010), Colombia (2012), Chile (2014), and Mexico (2016). On this occasion, the conference will be held in the beautiful city of Punta del Este, a peninsula located at the southernmost point in Uruguay, where the Río de la Plata river meets the Atlantic Ocean, and only an hour and a half away from the capital city, Montevideo.

Contributions are invited on experimental, computational, applied, and theoretical research in all areas related to non-linear dynamics, including (but not limited to), chaos, control theory, non-equilibrium statistical physics, complex networks and systems, computational methods, fluid dynamics, granular materials, neural dynamics, non-linear waves, pattern formation, quantum chaos, stochastic processes, and systems biology.

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A Special Issue “Dynamics Days Latin America and the Caribbean 2018” is available in the Mathematical and Computational Applications Journal.



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